hyperreal’s mirror site

Welcome to my mirror site, where I mirror several open source projects.

The following projects are mirrored here:

Project Directory Source Update frequency
AlmaLinux almalinux rsync.repo.almalinux.org 3 hours
Alpine Linux alpine rsync.alpinelinux.org 6 hours
Debian debian plug-mirror.rcac.purdue.edu 2 hours
Devuan devuan files.devuan.org 30 minutes
Qubes OS qubes Anonymous 6 hours
Rocky Linux rockylinux mirror.usi.edu 4 hours
Tails tails mirrors.rsync.tails.boum.org 3 hours
Void Linux voidlinux repo-sync.voidlinux.org Not currently synced

I also seed a variety of FOSS torrents: torrentstats.html